Left 4 Dead

Survival and horror video game from Valve Studios


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Full Version
  • Works under: Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Valvesoftware

Left 4 Dead is a zombie shooter with strong co-op play. The game stars four survivors of an epidemic that has transformed victims into monsters. Vietnam vet Bill, university student Zoey, tough biker Francis and white-collar worker Louis must sneak, fight and flee their way through a series of areas swarming with deadly "infected." Just when it seems that the group have reached safety, some new crisis always comes along, forcing them to go on the run once again.

The key element of Left 4 Dead play is teamwork; when there are fewer than four players, the remaining roles will be filled by computer-controlled characters. In the standard campaign mode, he survivors must make their way to the end of a series of levels, evading or fighting off the infected. Although the levels are ultimately linear, with a single beginning and end, there are usually multiple ways to move through them. Along the way, the survivors will get the chance to get new and more dangerous weapons and will encounter a variety of different enemies.

In addition to the normal infected -- who behave like traditional zombies -- there are five special types of infected. The Tank is a muscular behemoth, capable of knocking survivors out with a stunning blow or hurling cars and rubble with deadly force. The Smoker uses its lashing tongues to grapple survivors, while the Hunter uses its superior speed and agility to attack. The Boomer spits toxic, blinding bile and can attract other infected. Watch out: Boomers explode when they die, spraying more bile. Worst of all is the Witch, a powerful Infected who remains dormant until light or noise awakens her. The Witch is the most dangerous foe in the game, so survivors must use stealth to avoid her wherever possible.

In addition to the standard campaign mode, there are other multiplayer modes. In Survival mode, the players attempt to survive a wave of zombie survivors; this mode was released in an expansion pack in 2009. The versus campaign mode pits two groups of players against each other -- one group plays the human survivors, while the other plays a group of infected (one of each special type except the Witch). The teams play through each level, switching sides so that they have a chance to play as both survivors and infected.

Left 4 Dead is a fun, atmospheric zombie shooter; the game's AI controls not only the enemies but also elements like the music to create a more enjoyable zombie-hunting experience. If you like multiplayer shooters and zombie horror, it's an excellent fusion of the two genres.


  • Tense, spooky atmosphere
  • Adjustable "AI director"
  • Enjoyable multiplayer modes


  • Less enjoyable in single-player mode
  • Couch co-op tricker on PC
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